History as a Mirror for Us

This time our main topic is performances on historical issues. Two Hungarian theatres offer different approaches to the French revolution: ‘Marat/Sade' by Peter Weiss (directed by: Victor Ioan Frunza) is on the stage of the Új Színház and ‘Danton's Death' by Georg Büchner (directed by: Géza Bodolay) is performed by the Katona József Theatre, Kecskemét. The essay by Sándor Hegedűs on the plays and performances seeks for the actuality of this topic on Hungarian stages. A peculiar overview on Hungarian history of the 20th century is ‘Pisti in the Blood Storm' by István Örkény as it shows the events from the point of view of a single person. In the same time, it reveals common places, delusions deeply imbedded in our sense of history. The ‘Jászai Mari' Theatre put on stage the play; the performance is analysed by István Sándor L.

Several performances were conceived on the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution in 1956. János Mohácsi directed an absurd and wry play in Kaposvár entitled ‘56 06 / Mad Soul, Beaten Armies'. Edina Mátyás wrote about the performance. András Papp and János Térey's play ‘Dungeons' was elected the best new Hungarian drama by the theatre critics in 2006. Borbála Sebők analysed points of views, ways of argumentation published in different magazines. In Debrecen Attila Vidnyánszky directed a play by Géza Szőcs: 132 scenes, several time and story levels included; an overwhelming vision in which text, movements, setting and music play equally important role.

We also offer articles on the Duna Art Ensemble and its two leaders: János Mucsi and Zsolt Juhász. In the critical section we wrote on new productions of the Budapest Dance Theatre, the Hungarian Art of Movement Company and the Győr Ballet.

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