What is going to happen here?

Huge changes are on in Hungary nowadays - especially regarding the state subsidised institutions - causing instability in both social and artistic life of the country.

In the last two years vivid debates among professionals occurred in public (and also excluding it) on possible or necessary changes of the theatre structure in Hungary. The question has come into the focus of the attention again, partly due to the economical constraints and partly because the Ministry initiated a project that should be worked out by professional organizations and which would lead to a new law. In our first section István Sándor L. offers an overview of all suggestions and opinions arisen in order to facilitate a prolific co-operation in the future. Robert Lacombe wrote an appealing book on the financial support of the performing arts in Europe. (Le spectacle vivant en Europe, modèles d'organisation et politiques de soutien. Ed. La Documentation Française, Paris, 2004.) By reviewing his book we present some successful European models.

István Tasnádi is one of the most exciting contemporary playwrights in Hungary. He is closely connected to the Krétakör theatre led by Árpád Schilling, often taking part in their performances. In the same time, some of his plays were produced in more traditional theatres as well. István Tasnádi is talking about his experiences of our theatre structure in an interview. We offer a review on his latest volume entitled Taigetosz csecsemőotthon (Taigetos Nursery) in which he published his plays put on stage by Árpád Schilling. There is also a review on two performances of his satire on our present society: Finito (Magyar zombi - Hungarian Zombie).

Lot of gripping dance performances has been conceived lately. A large analysis is published on the co-operation of Andrea Ladányi and Ivo Dimcsev (Trio / 2 solo 1 duet - La Dance Company). Reviews were also written on the performances of Tamás Juronics, Attila Kun, József Hámor, Andrea Nagy, and György Krámer.

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