Actors and Roles

The National Theatre (Budapest) and the ‘Tamási Áron' Theatre (Sfantu Gheorghe) undertook a unique experiment starting last autumn: after the two companies rehearsed together for a month, both continued their work in their own theatres to put on stage King Lear. In our first section Balázs Perényi analyses these performances of László Bocsárdi, focussing especially on differences in acting. Rita Sebestyén, the dramaturge wrote some notes concerning the rehearsals.

In our second section we concentrate on László Gálffi, a captivating actor, presently member of ‘Örkény Theatre' who has been fascinating his public in a wide range of roles for a long time.  Balázs Urbán examines all his current roles.

Unfortunately not always the artistic value draws our attention to theatres in Hungary. An example is the theatre in Kaposvár, where scandals regarding the appointment of the new manager were followed by some other disagreements - all largely taken up by the media. First the performance on the revolution of 1956 by János Mohácsi attracted the right-wing politicians' displeasure, than the company turned to the public opinion in order to save their theatre from becoming a political battlefield. Theatre professionals all over the country supported the company gathering signatures to defend the highly respected theatre. Finally, the local government appointed István Znamenák as managing director for a year, thus giving some chance to the artists to continue their well-known artistic work. We offer a portrait of the company based on the performances of the current season, and we add interviews with István Znamenák actor-director, Zsolt Kovács actor and József Kelemen actor-director - a section completed by István Sándor L.

In our last section we deal with training courses for young dancers organized by the ‘MU' Theatre and their performances. We also publish articles on choreographies by Lilla Pártay and Anna Réti and also the performance of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo.

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