Bodies and roles

This time we continue our former endeavour to present significant performances from the point of view of the performers.

Krisztián Gergye, an exceptional dancer and choreographer has completed two pieces recently.  B.O.D.Y. is a series of dance monologues conceived for women. Between choreographer and the women dancers there is a strong interplay: Gergye could perform all these monologues himself, as he assimilates all his experiences in his work. The performance is analysed by Márta Péter. Gergye's other piece is called Contemporary Triptych - 99 minutes offering a fusion of dance, theatre and fine arts. The performance was inspired by Francis Bacon, it is predominantly visual, focuses on the body of the performer, and evokes some roles taken from the mythology. Katalin Kimlei analyses this performance.

A special situation is created when a classical dramatic character appears in a contemporary dance performance. Such an adaptation is chiefly influenced by the physical appearance, personal characteristics and self-expression of the performer. Dóra Juhász evaluates the interaction between character and dancer in the Woyzeck-concert by Finita la Commedia.

Katona József Theatre is the leading art theatre of our country mainly because it has an outstanding company of actors. Two articles were written on the recent season of this theatre. István Sándor L. examines their artistic programme through the performances of the season (Moliere: The Great Sganarelle and Co. dir. by Viktor Bodó; Ibsen: The Wild Duck dir. by Tamás Ascher; Bernhard: The Power of Habit dir. by Gábor Máté; Goldoni: One of the Last Nights of Carnival dir. by Gábor Zsámbéki; Sophocles: The Trachiniae dir. by Péter Gothár). We also offer a short "actors' encyclopaedia" dealing with all the roles played by the actors of the theatre.

In our critical section we publish articles on the L1 Dance Festival, choreographies of Márta Ladjánszki and László Kocsis, and premieres of Eszter Novák and Tamás Fodor.

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